The Glen Rock Recreation Board meets the third Tuesday of every month, except December, at Peoples Bank at 6:30 p.m.  Note: the June, July and August meetings are held at the Park (weather permitting).

Our Mission Statement:

The Glen Rock Recreation Board is dedicated to preserving, managing, maintaining and protecting the Glen Rock Park and acquiring park lands so we may offer a wide variety of leisure and recreation opportunities to the Glen Rock community.

Volunteers are always needed – write to us for more details or contact the borough office.  GRRB, P. O. Box 52, Glen Rock, PA 17327

It takes a lot of resources to maintain and update the park. Donations are greatly appreciated!

Glen Rock Recreation Board Members:

Ali Collier– (term expires Dec 2018)

Jeremy Diehl – Chairman (term expires Dec 2017)

Rosemary Diehl – Treasurer (term expires Dec 2019)

Rose Mattera – Vice Chair (term expires Dec 2018)

Lauren Milliken (term expires Dec 2019)

Note: Recreation Board members serve staggered 3-5 year terms.  Three of the five members must be Borough Residents.  If you are interested in serving on the Recreation Board, please attend a meeting, contact one of the members, or contact the Borough office.

Meeting Minutes






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