Glen Rock Borough Council consists of seven elected residents, who serve staggered terms of four years each. Borough Council meets each month–on the third Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Office, 1 Manchester St. Quarterly Council planning meetings are the fourth Wednesday of the quarter (Dates for 2024: Jan 24, Apr 24, Jul 24, Oct 23) in the Borough office, 1 Manchester St, rear entrance at 7 p.m.


Rollin Apgar (Term Expires January 1st, 2028)


Amanda Rombach (Term Expires January 1st, 2026)


John Locke (Term Expires January 1st, 2028)

Chad McCullough (Term Expires January 1st, 2028)

Joshua Miller (Term Expires January 1st, 2026)

Sean O’Connor (Term expires January 1st, 2026)

John Michael Shaver, Jr. (Term expires January 1, 2028)

Anyone wishing to contact a council member can do so by calling the Borough Office during business hours, (717) 235-3206.

Council Committees: meetings held as needed

Building and Property Committee

Rollin Apgar, Mike Shaver, Chad McCullough

Ordinance Committee

Mike Shaver, Chad McCullough, Joshua Miller

Public Safety Committee

Sean O’Connor, Cody Stiffler, John Locke

Special Projects Committee

Rollin Apgar, Victoria Ribeiro, Karen Gahs and Jason Siesko

Finance Committee

Rollin Apgar, Sean O’Connor, Joshua Miller

Personnel Committee

Rollin Apgar, Sean O’Connor, Amanda Rombach

Strategic Planning Committee

Rollin Apgar, Amanda Rombach, Mike Shaver

Beautification Committee

Karen Gahs, John Locke, Amanda Rombach


Other Council Assignments

Glen Rock Water & Sewer Authority – John Locke

Hufnagel Public Library – Rollin Apgar

Police Commission – Mayor John Trout, Sr.

Recreation Board – Amanda Rombach

SCEMA – L. James Merrick


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