Just as residents that own their home, persons who rent living quarters in Glen Rock also have responsibilities to uphold.  Below are some of the responsibilities outlined in Ordinance 472.

Occupants of residential rental property shall:

  • Maintain the premises you control in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Store and dispose of all refuse and garbage in a clean, sanitary and safe manner.  (Containers for storage of garbage shall be rodent-proof, insect-proof, and watertight. )
  • Be responsible for the extermination of insects and rodents if your unit is the only one infested.  (It is the owner’s responsibility if two or more units or a common area are infested.)
  • Not install, operate or use an unvented space heater employing a flame.
  • Not cause utilities to be turned off.
  • Allow access to the rental property and structures for periodic* inspection by the Codes Enforcement Officer. ( *Once every three years as a minimum or in response to a complaint of a violation of Borough Ordinances.)
  • Become familiar with other Borough rules.  See the “Did You Know?” section of the website.

Residential Rental License Application and Forms

All residential rental properties in Glen Rock Borough must be licensed with the borough office each year between November 1st and December 31st for the following year. Rentals must also be inspected once every three years to ensure minimum standards for public health, safety, and welfare as defined in appropriate Borough ordinances.

Glen Rock Borough’s primary concern is to gain compliance with our regulations relating to the safe occupancy of the property and ensure that residential rental properties are conforming to the same property maintenance standards as owner-occupied homes within the Borough.

If you own any residential rental property (any property you own but do not reside within) in Glen Rock, as the property owner you will have to meet the requirements under the Borough’s rental program including:

  1. Annually applying for a license for your property and paying the $25 License Fee.  Download the application here:  Residential Rental License App (undated)
  2. Maintaining your property in compliance with all Borough codes relating to Health, Sanitation, and Property Maintenance.
  3. Remedying any violation of codes found on your property.
  4. Comply with mandatory inspections of residential rental property:  every three years per the cycle set by the Borough.
  5. Owners have thirty (30) days to notify the borough office of a tenant moving in or out of the borough.  Complete this form to notify the Borough office every time a tenant moves in or out of the Borough: Tenant Registration Form

The ordinance detailing rental requirements is available in the Borough Office or by downloading Borough Ordinances here (reference chapter 13):  http://ecode360.com/GL2336

Fees associated with the Rental Ordinance are outlined in this Resolution: Resolution 2017-1_Adopted_Apr26,2017.

South Penn Code Consultants, LLC (SPCC) is contracted by Glen Rock to serve as the Codes Enforcement Officer for rental inspections and determinations.

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