Borough Council adopts ordinances for the betterment of our community. The following are some excerpts of ordinances that may affect your daily life.

Search the Borough eCode here:  NOTE:  Recently passed ordinances may not be incorporated into the eCode yet.  Check the New Laws link on the left side of the eCode page for ordinances that have not been incorporated into the master document.

  • Curfew – Glen Rock borough’s curfew is from 11pm to 6am. Ordinances prohibit anyone under the age of 18 to be in public unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or going to or returning from employment during curfew hours.
  • Loitering – Glen Rock has established an ordinance prohibiting loitering in public places. Loitering is remaining idle essentially in one location, walking aimlessly, and “hanging around.” Public places are public streets and sidewalks, parking lots, stores, restaurants, taverns, and other business establishments.

Pets (Ord 451):

  • Pet owners must properly maintain the area in which the animal is kept. Weekly cleanup of feces is required
  • Pets must be walked on leashes. Owners must immediately cleanup after their animal defecates on any property other than their own.
  • Owners must control the noises (i.e. barking) made by their animals so as to not create a nuisance as defined in the ordinance.
  • PA Dog Laws – In Pennsylvania dogs are required to be licensed and vaccinated against rabies.
  • Restrictions on numbers:
    • Property of ½ acre or less: no more than 2 dogs, 4 cats or a total of 8 animals of any type
    • Property of ½ acre or more: no more than 4 dogs, 8 cats or a total of 10 animals of any type


  • Abandoned Vehicles – PA Vehicle code defines abandoned vehicles as vehicles that are physically inoperable and left unattended on highway or public property greater than 48 hours or parked illegally on highway or on roadway greater than 48 hours without valid registration, valid inspection, or visible VIN number or parked on private property without consent greater than 24 hours.
  • Additionally, motor vehicles or parts thereof, which is not in running condition, disabled by accident, or inoperable on public property shall not remain on any street or in the open on any property for a period longer than 15 days.
  • Any motor vehicle without a current state registration or official state inspection is considered abandoned and in violation of Ordinance 450. Exception: each property is allowed one motor vehicle for restoration or hobby purposes provided said vehicle is in the rear yard area and covered or protected by a barricade or fence.
  • Church St. (SR3008) Weight Restriction – It is illegal for any person to operate a motor vehicle, trailer, or semi-trailer having a load capacity in excess of 1500 pounds on Church St. in Glen Rock Borough (up or down hill). Exceptions: Delivery of goods or services to locations on Church St. or side streets only accessible by Church St. and moving vehicles to place of residence by the owner.

Winter Reminders:

  • Property owners must shovel their sidewalks within 24 hours of the end of snowfall.
  • Snow may not be shoveled back into the plowed street.
  • Sidewalks must be free of ice and snow.

Summer Reminders:

  • Weeds and grass must be kept cut to less than 10 inches.
  • Yards must not be cluttered or littered with rubbish, trash, ice boxes, unused furniture, toys, building materials, etc.
  • Trees must be trimmed to a minimum height of 8 feet above a sidewalk and 14 feet above a street.


  • Garbage, refuse, and or rubbish items shall not be maintained and/or accumulated on a property in excess of 30 days. (Ord 450)
  • Junk material may not be seen from any public roadway. (Ord 450)
  • For trash / refuse pick up guidelines, see the “Services > Trash & Recycling” page.

Sidewalks and Curbs:

  • Repair and replacement of curbs and sidewalks are the responsibility of the abutting property owner. Specifications for replacement are available at the Borough Office. (Ord 297)

Dangerous Buildings:

  • Any building, shed, fence or other structure that has become dilapidated, decayed, unsafe, blighted, or likely to cause injury or harm must be repaired or demolished. (Ord 450)

Building Maintenance:

  • Buildings must be maintained in accordance with the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC). A copy of the IPMC is available in the Borough Office.
  • Premises Identification: Buildings shall have approved address numbers placed in a position to be plainly legible and visible from the street or road fronting the property.  These numbers shall contrast with their background.  Address numbers shall be Arabic numerals or alphabet letters.  Numbers shall be a minimum of 4 inches high with a minimum stroke width of 0.5 inch.  This is for rapid identification by first responders.


  • Borough speed limit is 25mph!
  • Do not drain swimming pools across a neighbor’s property or along a public road, water must generally flow into a storm sewer. (Ord 450)
  • No skateboarding on streets or sidewalks from sunset to sunrise.
  • Wildlife animal issues are handled by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, 610-926-3136.


  • See the “Permits”  page for information on what requires a permit (i.e. burning, PODS, dumpsters, building and zoning issues).

Note: Every attempt has been made to accurately reflect the intent of the ordinances.  Actual ordinance verbiage can be read in the Borough Office.


Glen Rock Borough Council has finished a 7 to 8 year project of reviewing and updating all ordinances through a codification process, effective October 18th, 2017.  Now all borough ordinances are available electronically here on our eCode website:  Use the eCode site to search, print or email pertinent sections.  Applicable chapters are listed below for popular ordinances.

Reference Links

  • Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code:  PA MPC
  • Pennsylvania Borough Code:  Borough Code