Electronics items like TVs, computers and monitors contain hazardous materials that cannot be disposed of in the regular trash pickup.  Recycle your old electronics for free through the York County Solid Waste Authority.  The Authority offers a FREE ongoing Electronics Recycling Program held every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Authority’s Yard Waste Site located off of Flour Mill Road in Manchester Township.  Click here for more information.

Starting January 24th, 2013, residents of PA cannot put electronics on the curb for normal waste pickup.


Here is more info from the York County Solid Waste Authority:

You’ve Mastered Recycling…Now Take the “E-cycle Challenge”

If your house has become a haven for outdated electronics, here’s your chance to do some cleaning.  The York County Solid Waste Authority is conducting an electronics recycling program.

All York County residents, businesses and non-profit entities are eligible to participate in this program. In addition, residents, businesses and non-profit entities who are located in a municipality that has contractually agreed to deliver waste only to the York County Resource Recovery Center may also participate.

All York County residents can bring electronic equipment (outdated, broken, or just plain ugly) to the Authority.  Please DO NOT bring electric equipment (such as toasters, hair dryers, wall clocks, or electric razors), OR construction demolition, furniture, appliances, white goods or household hazardous waste.

There is no fee to York County residents to participate in the program.

Electronic equipment accepted in this program includes answering machines, compact disc players, electric typewriters, fax machines, hard drives, laptops, mobile phones, modems, microwave ovens, pagers, personal computers (CPU, monitors, keyboards, mouse, and peripherals), printers, printed circuit boards, radios, remote controls, stereos, tape players, telephones and telephone equipment, televisions, and VCR’s.  Residents are responsible for removal of any personal data contained on electronic devices and computer hard drives.

The Authority has a contractor to manage the materials collected.  They will harvest usable parts (circuit boards, power supplies, wood, plastic, and CRT glass); valuable metals (gold, copper, steel, aluminum); and potentially harmful components (lead, mercury and cadmium) and recycle them.  Virtually all but one percent of the materials are recycled into new products. For more information, residents can visit the Authority’s web page at:  http://www.ycswa.com/ and click on Recycling then Electronics.


Other options for E-Recycling: Nationwide Commercial Electronics Recycling Options